Are you just like a basset hound or a golden retriever? Or maybe another breed is just like you! Answer these quick questions to find out what kind of fur baby matches your personality.

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  1. Abbey says:

    What are you

  2. Sarah says:

    I got a Basset hound which is honestly not at all accurate except that I do get a long with everyone very easily.Based on your responses, your spirit dog is a Basset Hound or Basset Hound-mix! Patient and easygoing, you take everything one step at a time. You appreciate the simple things in life and don’t get worked up about little things – two traits that everyone who knows you loves and admires.

    You prefer a night in with a good book to a late night out on the town. And, like your spirit dog, you get along with pretty much everyone you meet and can sniff out the positives in any situation.

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