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Common Hip & Joint Problems In Dogs – What You Should Know

Occasionally, you may notice your dog appears to be moving a bit more slowly than normal, or perhaps even limping. Often, this is due to some sort of hip or joint discomfort your dog is experiencing. Dogs can develop hip and joint problems at any age, and it doesn’t matter whether they are young or […]

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What Causes Upset Stomach in Dogs?

It is quite common for dogs to experience an upset stomach, otherwise known as dyspepsia. An upset stomach can affect both young dogs as well as older dogs, and in most cases, they will recover just fine on their own. However, sometimes an upset stomach is more than just an upset stomach and may be […]

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My Dog Has an Upset Stomach: What Do I Do?

Though it’s not pleasant, dogs can experience upset tummies too, just like people. When they do, they will often naturally gravitate towards eating grass. Though it seems abnormal and you might wonder what’s so tasty about that grass, it’s a natural behavior that can alleviate discomfort when a dog’s tummy is feeling sick. Eating grass […]

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Signs Your Dog Has an Upset Stomach

All dogs experience an upset stomach from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether they are older or just a pup, upset stomachs appear to be an equal opportunity ailment. There’s nothing like being woken up in the middle of the night by the awful sound of your dog trying to puke on your floor. […]

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Do You Have an Itchy Dog?

Does your dog scratch and itch frequently? Does he obsessively lick, bite, or chew his skin? A dog that is itchy is not a happy or comfy dog. In fact, it’s much more likely that your dog is miserable. It’s hard to watch your dog suffer, but sometimes trying to figure out the root cause […]

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