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Being the best fur parent you can be starts with education. Make sure you check our blog regularly to fetch helpful tips, tricks, and words of advice to create a happier and better life for your fur baby.

Peanut Butter Banana Vitamin Ice Cream for Dogs Recipe

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day or any summer day with a cool sweet healthy treat for the doggo in your life with The Missing Link’s version of an ice cream for dogs recipe.

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Supplementation for Dog Immune System Health

We know as humans that having healthy immune systems can help us fight off colds, flu and other illnesses.  More than ever, we all want to strive to stay as healthy as possible. But what about our dogs?  Is it really that important to keep their immune system healthy?  Dogs can’t get the common cold […]

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Preserving Gifts from the Sea

Mother Nature has given us a powerful superfood in the form of kelp, an underwater plant that is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes (aka seaweed).  This green gift from the sea is a phenomenal ingredient that when added to a dog’s daily diet, can support strong bones and increase energy, promote healthy skin and […]

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The Latest COVID-19 CDC Update For Pets

Caring for pets is always our highest priority at The Missing Link®. You can be assured that although these times may be uncertain, we will always continue to provide your pets the supplies and support they need to stay safe and healthy. We will be actively sharing the most up-to-date information from the CDC with […]

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Beyond Basic: Why a Heart Healthy Dog Dental Chew Matters

Most of us consider our dogs to be important members of their family and we prioritize their health and wellbeing. Sound like you? Paramount to their welfare is caring for their oral health, and research shows that failing to do so can lead to a variety of medical problems, ranging from minor to very serious. […]

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