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5 Essential Nutrients Your Dog Isn’t Getting from His Food

Diet is a huge component to ensuring your pet is healthy and stays in optimal condition. Unfortunately, many dog foods that are on the market today offer little to no real nutritional value. You must be very conscientious in making your selections, and choose feeds that offer real and balanced nutrition. Some foods may be […]

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10 Facts About Pet Food That Will Surprise You

Choosing a good pet food that is nutritious and healthy for your fur baby can be challenging to say the least. There are so many commercial pet foods that are (for want of a better term), nothing but dry kibble – lacking all of the essential nutrients your fur kid needs. However, there are some […]

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Your Dog’s Kibble Isn’t Enough: The Truth About Commercial Pet Food

When it comes to your fur baby, (and obviously, the key word here is “baby”), you want to feed them as healthy a diet as possible. For most pet owners, their dog is like a member of the family, and you certainly wouldn’t feed other members of your family only unhealthy foods or an unbalanced […]

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Best Exercises for Older Dogs: Keeping Fido in Shape

While pounding the pavement for hours chasing balls or romping in the dog park might have been your puppy’s cup of tea, as your dog has gotten older, they have likely changed their exercise habits. As a fur parent, it’s important to adjust your routine to guarantee that your fur baby stays happy and healthy. […]

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How to Care For Your Senior Dog

If your once boisterous pup is now a little sluggish or your ball-crazy retriever can’t fetch for quite as long, chances are your dog is entering his senior years. Senior dogs require a different level of care than younger dogs and pet parents should be aware of the changes happening in their pooch. Along with […]

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