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Top Tips for Dog Dental Health

There’s nothing like a big whiff of foul doggy breath to mess up a beautiful moment between owner and pet. And if you’ve ever smelled the sweet scent of puppy breath as a comparison, there just is no comparison. Give me puppy breath all day long! To Promote Dog Dental Health, You Should:  Brush Daily […]

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How Often Should You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

This question probably depends more on who you ask, but keep in mind that the more often you brush your dog’s teeth, the healthier his mouth will be. Think of how often you brush your own teeth, and how yucky your mouth feels when you don’t do it often enough. The inside of a dog’s […]

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Periodontal Disease in Dogs: Recognizing the Signs

It might surprise you to learn, but just like you, your dog can suffer from periodontal disease. Canine periodontitis is a bacterial infection raging rampant inside your dog’s mouth. It is an insidious disease that is largely silent (especially at onset) but extremely destructive if left unchecked. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the disease, […]

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Skin Conditions in Dogs & Cats

Nothing is worse than when our fur kids aren’t feeling well and we aren’t quite sure what’s wrong with them. When they experience illness, there are certain physical symptoms that may alert us to what’s wrong. However, there are some ailments and side effects that are more discreet, which we might miss upon first glance. […]

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How to Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Getting a fuzzy new roommate is an exciting adventure, but there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your apartment isn’t totally thrashed, making it look worse than a college dorm room. Not only do you want to provide a hazard-free environment, but you also want to ensure that your pet feels […]

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