Happier & Better

Do you remember the first day you brought me home? The first family photo I showed up in? The feeling that your family was finally complete?

That’s what our pets are. The missing member of the family, and one that W. F. Young has been lovingly creating products for since 1892.

Our Story

Our story begins more than a century ago with Mary and Wilbur, a husband and wife team passionate about providing better care for our four-legged friends.

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We Believe...

  1. Pets deserve to live the happy & healthy life that nature intended.
  2. in supporting the wellbeing of all animals, big and small.
  3. that pets are equal members of the family.
  4. that our pets’ health is our responsibility.
  5. that as the foundation of our pet’s health, whole food nutrition should be the norm, not the exception.

We Focus On Quality

Quality in every bite

At The Missing Link®, we believe that “how” we bring whole food nutrition to your fur kid’s bowl is just as important as “why.” And, with patented processes designed to deliver quality at each step, we’re crafting superfood nutritional supplements proven to make your pet’s life happier & better.

The proof is in the kitchen...

The Missing Link® kitchens (or facilities if we’re talking business) are certified organic by Organic Certifiers and inspected by the NASC. All products are NASC approved, too.

Prior to arriving at The Missing Link® kitchens in Valencia, CA, ingredients are freeze dried or gently dried for maximum pet nutrition.
Flaxseed and sunflower seed arrive as completely unprocessed ingredients.

The Missing Link® Quality Control Engineers track and inspect each ingredient; guaranteeing the highest level of control and safety.

Patented packaging process preserves fragile omega fatty acids and other vital nutrients without using preservatives, by:

  • Flushing all packaging bags with nitrogen to remove excess nutrition-robbing oxygen.
  • Using only whole, all-natural flaxseed that is ground seconds before being packaged.
  • Omitting by-products or nutrient-robbed flax meals from all recipes.
  • Using packaging that provides effective oxygen and light barriers for maximum freshness.
  • Quality control, quality control, quality control! Testing is what it’s all about – from ingredient to finished product, we constantly test for high nutrient levels and the presence of pathogens like listeria and salmonella.

That’s why no Missing Link® product has ever been recalled. Our commitment to quality shows how passionate we are about building superfood nutritional products with real power to help your pets live the healthy life that nature intended.

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