Zoo & Rescue

At The Missing Link®, we’re committed to sharing lovin’ life nutrition with our much in need canine and feline (which sometimes means a tiger or two) friends, currently calling a zoo, wildlife reserve animal rescue or shelter home. We appreciate all that their animal caregivers and foster fur parents do to keep them safe and healthy and want to do what we can to help.

in 2016 alone,
we’ve donated:

1600 lbs of the missing link superfood pet supplement

that’s enough to support:

  • 16

  • 66

  • a few rhinos, zebras and tigers, oh my

are you an animal caregiver or foster fur parent with an organization in need?

contact us to
request a donation

Goodness in Action

QUIZ: Is it a Superfood?

QUIZ: Is it a Superfood?

February 14, 2017 by TML

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