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For more than 20-years, we’ve been providing the missing, “It works,” daily <a href="" style="color:white;">pet nutrition</a> that our beloved pets need and we guarantee it.

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I just would like to say how much I love your supplements. I have a senior dog at home and when we adopted her, she would moan and groan from joint pain. She also had terrible skin issues due to lack of flea prevention and infection. After curing her skin condition, we noticed that our dog still had dry, itchy and flaky skin. I looked for a product and found yours. I am happy to say that her joints and skin are better than ever thanks to your skin and coat and hip and joint supplements. So thank you so much for making my dog feel young again and keeping her healthy. We love your products here!

Madeline Williamson

The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Canine Skin & Coat

“Latte, my 3-legged, 115 lb., 2-year old Rottweiler has been on The Missing Link Ultimate Canine Hip & Joint Formula for about 4 or 5 months now and WOW can we notice a difference! Not only is her back leg taking us on much longer walks to play with other dogs, but her coat is MUCH softer and looks great! She doesn't shed as much and I always get compliments on how beautiful of a dog she is. Because of her back leg, we have to make sure she is getting all the right supplements and that’s where The Missing Link re-assures us. Not only does it do wonders, but Latte loves the taste so much that she will lick her bowl till she gets every last morsel!”

Kari G.

The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Canine Hip, Joint & Coat

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I just wanted to let you know that I started my cat, Mittens (3 years old), on Missing Link… Mittens has suffered terribly with allergies (dry skin, scratching, raw spots, etc.). My Vet and I had tried several things but nothing seemed to give poor Mittens relief.  Well, The Missing Link appears to have done the trick. Mittens’ itchy skin has disappeared. I also have an older cat, Sweetie, who is 10. She gets The Missing Link too. Sweetie’s energy level has dramatically increased. She has taken back some of her kitten traits. Thank you for inventing this wonderful product.

Thanks from Mittens and Sweetie!


The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Feline Formula

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