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Healthy Dental Chews

Why give your dog a basic dental chew when you can give them more?  Say goodbye to single-purpose dental chews and say hello to Smartmouth™ - a long-lasting, multi-tasking dental chew that cleans teeth, freshens breath, supports joint health and so much more. When fed daily, Smartmouth™ gives your dog all the essential vitamins they need for optimal health. Its uniquely designed ridges help reduce plaque and tartar, while Stay-C™, a patented form of Vitamin C, supports gum health.  A beneficial balance of Omega 3 & 6 promote healthy skin & coat while glucosamine supports hips, joints and mobility.  Whole food ingredients help digestion and immune systems and overall energy production. Looking for Once Daily Chews?  You’ll love new Smartmouth™, delivering all the same great benefits of the Original Once Daily chews.

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