Puppy Supplements

Congrats on the newest addition to your fur family! Being the responsible fur parent you are, you’ve probably already taken all the proper steps to set your fur baby up for a wonderful puppyhood. From holding their paw during their first trip to the vet to spoiling them with the latest and greatest toys and treats, you are dedicated to making sure your pup is happy and healthy!

Now all you have to do is ensure that your fur kid is getting all of the nutrients he needs. Here’s where The Missing Link® Ultimate Puppy Health Formula comes in with all the puppy nutrition your pup needs! Our tasty and nutritious puppy supplements were formulated with your pup’s unique nutritional needs in mind. In order to grow big and strong, your pup needs vital nutrients and whole foods with his daily meals, which even the best commercial puppy foods don’t supply.

But no need to worry! The Missing Link® nutritional supplements for puppies were designed to fill this nutritional void created by commercial pet foods. Simply add a scoop to your fur kid’s daily meal to promote puppy health and happiness.

What makes The Missing Link the best puppy supplements around?

Our superfood supplements for puppies combines:

Balanced Omegas to help maintain healthy skin and coat Omega fatty acids to help absorb fat soluble vitamins, which support energy levels, the immune system, intercellular health, and muscle, ligament, and tendon function Probiotic and dietary fiber to support digestive health Phytonutrients to promote general puppy health and nutrition

Help your pup grow big and strong by giving The Missing Link® a try. Just prepare for a slobbery kiss after they have their first taste!

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