Superfoods for Dogs

Formulated by veterinarians, loved by fur children everywhere, The Missing Link® was the first superfood pet supplement on the market. You could even say we began the “superfood for pets” trend. A combination of whole food nutrition and natural ingredients, The Missing Link® provides the missing nutrition your fur baby needs to live a happier and healthier life.

Your Pet Deserves the Best

…So it only makes sense that they be eating the healthiest and most nutritional foods on the market, right?! The Missing Link® was created to fill the nutritional void left by even the best commercial pet foods. Ensure that your fur kid is getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals they need, without sacrificing taste!


The Missing Link® is the most potent superfood pet supplement on the market. Our unique cold process locks in each ingredient’s whole nutrition with a nitrogen flush “time capsule”, ensuring that The Missing Link® fills the nutritional void left by commercial pet foods.

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QUIZ: Is it a Superfood?

QUIZ: Is it a Superfood?

February 14, 2017 by TML

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