You are an expert on The Missing Link® – a nutritional gap filling, omega balancing animal loving expert – and really appreciate your support. We’d be honored to have you officially join our mission of superior nutrition!


-You start your client’s pets on The Missing Link® and pass on a special code that gets them an exclusive, ongoing discount on any products from our site.

-Each time they use your code, you get a commission.

-Use this same code yourself if you need to reorder (no commission in that case, sorry!

Rules and application below. If you meet the criteria, you’ll be contacted to get set up.



This document and form constitutes an agreement pertaining to The Missing Link® Influencer Program hereinafter referred to as “the program” between the business submitting it and W.F. Young, Inc. D.B.A. The Missing Link® hereinafter referred to as “the company.”  


By completing the Application form below, you acknowledge that you have an active, reputable business providing pet health and wellness services or related pet industry services and activities. Upon completion of this form, the company will verify that your business meets the requirements for the Influencer Program. You will be notified via your preferred communication and sent a W-9 form to fill out and return. You will not be accepted into the program until verification and requirements have been met.


You agree to promote the purchase and use of The Missing Link® products to your network of customers and associates. By entering this agreement, you give The Missing Link® approval to use testimonial statements and photography provided by you as content in marketing and promotional materials including, but not limited to, advertisements, company websites,emails and social media channels.


In exchange for your positive advocacy and referrals, you will be provided a Discount Code to share with your customers, good for a 15%discount on all purchases made on missing link You will also receive a 15% commission from the company on all purchases made via missing link using the Discount Code specific to your business. This commission will be processed and mailed to you on a quarterly basis.


The Missing Link® products are only to be used and communicated in accordance with the label instructions on the packaging.  The company reserves the right to cancel this agreement due to any form of misrepresentation, slander or inappropriate product use recommendations.

Discount codes are non-transferable and are only valid when used by the Influencer and those they give the code to. The company reserves the right to cancel this agreement if the discount codes are abused or inappropriately shared outside the confines of the relationship between The Influencer and their customers.

Influencer Application

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  • Your email will not be shared or used without your permission outside of communications from The Missing Link.
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