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Grooming Is More Than Just Pretty

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Small dog being brushed by owner for Missing Link Grooming Blog

Its More Than Just Pretty.  

We know that beauty is more than skin deep. With our pets, keeping them clean and well-groomed does more than just make them look pretty and more snuggly. It actually can help their overall health and well-being. Whether you like to take a hands-on groom-at-home approach, or make regular visits to your favorite pet groomer, that extra effort will reap benefits.  

Healthier skin & coat

person brushing a dog

Regular brushing helps remove dead skin and hair and circulates air through the coat to help distribute the pet’s natural oils.  It doesn’t matter if your pet has lots of luxuriously long thick hair, or a short thin coat – regular grooming and brushing helps them stay free of pests, debris, matted fur, and can prevent skin problems. For cats, regular brushing will reduce the amount of hair the cat will swallow when self-cleaning to help prevent hair balls.  Ideally, all pets should be brushed at least twice a week, while some need it daily.  

Fresh and Fluffy

    dog with towel on its head

Bathing your pet can help remove dander, debris and keep the skin and coat healthy as well – but the frequency of bathing depends on a variety of factors, including breed, lifestyle, length of coat, and any existing skin conditions. Generally speaking, medium-to-large coats only need a bath every 4-6 weeks as long as brushing and regular grooming is happening in between. While bathing at home can be both fun and frustrating, it is best to check with your vet or a trusted groomer about how often your pet requires a bath. Bathing too frequently can strip the coat of essential oils and can irritate sensitive skin.  
Inspection time. Hands-on grooming is a great way to check for cuts, rashes, fleas and ticks. Take the time to look closely, parting hair to look at the skin beneath, and comb through that fur.  Follow up the grooming by treating any rashes, cuts or skin conditions and removing any insect hitch-hikers safely.    


    Woman blow-drying her dog

    Regular frequent grooming can help calm anxious pets and take the fear out of grooming, leading to positive behavior. Think how great you feel after a massage or a hair cut. Pamper that pup or cuddle that cat, and you’ll both walk away feeling relax and renewed.  

    Bonding Time

    Woman on couch with dog

    When you groom at home, whether a brush-out or a full on spa treatment and bath, you are creating much-need one-on-one time with your pet. You’ll learn more about their personality, they will be happy to have your undivided attention, and you both will get a heavy dose of unconditional love.  
    It just feels good!  A clean pet is a happy pet! Your doggo may show her appreciation by doing full-on zoomies then go roll in the dirt, but you can take heart in knowing that for those few minutes, she looked amazing. And you’ve taken important steps to help her overall health too.  

    dog running in a field

      To keep that beauty and happy health on track, you can support your pet’s skin and coat from the inside as well. Adding The Missing Link Skin & Coat supplement to their daily diet will add a healthy balance of omega fatty acids, vitamin E, Biotin and probiotics to support healthy skin, glossy coat and support hair growth. Then stand back and watch them shine and thrive!  (Or move in close for a good soft snuggle.) 

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