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Dental Chews FAQs

What makes these dental chews different from others?

While basic dental chews help clean teeth, our dental chews go further to also support optimal overall health by providing key nutrients that are missing in pet’s diets, including balanced omegas to promote healthy skin & coat, and Glucosamine to help support mobility and hip & joint health.

My dental chews are very hard, is that the way they are suppose to be?

Yes, they are meant to take a little while for your dog to chew and eat - they are not supposed to be soft. The hard ridges and chewing action help clean your dog's teeth. If you dog tried to eat the chew and cannot, even after giving them time, try going down a size.

Can I give the petite chew to my larger dog?

Missing Link dental chews are available in Petite, Small-Medium and Large-Extra large dog sizes, with appropriate daily servings of supplement in each.  In order for the dog to get the beneficial nutrition, and to ensure they are able to chew the treat completely, we recommend giving appropriately sized chews based on the dog’s weight as indicated on the packaging.

Is bad breath in dogs just natural?

No. While it is true that bad breath can indicate a more serious illness, bad breath in pets is most often caused by bacteria, plaque and tartar. Keeping your dog’s mouth healthy is an important step in your dog’s overall good health.

Where are the supplement chews manufactured?

Missing Link dental chews are proudly manufactured in the USA.

What is "Powdered Cellulose"?

A plant-based fiber, Cellulose helps plants defy gravity. And, it helps bind the superfood ingredients in Missing Link dental chews together, providing your fur kiddo with a crunchy, good for you chew.

What is "Pea Fiber"?

Pea Fiber is the perfect addition to help “tie together” all of the superfood ingredients in Missing Link dental chews.

What is "Vegetable Glycerine"?

Vegetable Glycerin is a component of vegetable oil. This natural ingredient is used to help maintain the right amount of moisture to ensure a tasty, crunch experience for your fur-kid with every chew.

Why is there potato in Missing Link dental chews?

Potato is an effective grain-free binder that helps to hold all of the superfood ingredients together in a tasty, crunchy chew.

What are the levels of glucosamine in the Missing Link dental chew formula?

The levels of glucosamine per chew are labeled in terms of mg/kg on the product packaging, as required by AAFCO regulations. We guarantee a minimum of 332mg for the large size and 166 mg for the small size. The Petite size does not contain glucosamine. Glucosamine combined with Omega fatty acids help to support joint health more completely than just glucosamine alone.

How to Missing Link dental chews help care for joints?

In addition to cleaning dogs’ teeth, Missing Link dental chews help to actively nourish joints and protect mobility for dogs of all ages and sizes. These tasty chews contain Glucosamine HCL to provide the building blocks for healthy joints. Natural sources of omega fatty acids provide essential nutrients the body needs for healthy joints.

My Missing Link dental chews have brown specks on them. What is that?

Missing Link dental chews contain many superfood ingredients like flax, oyster and sunflower that help give this Omega rich chew its natural look.

Are Missing Link dental chews low fat?

Missing Link dental chews are considered low fat and contains 2% crude fat. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) defines low fat as being no more than 9% crude fat for products containing less than 20% moisture.

Can I give more than the daily feeding recommendation of dental chews to my dog?

We recommend following the Daily Feeding Instructions on the back of the bag according to your dog’s weight and feeding only once per day. Consult your Veterinarian if you want to give your dog more than the daily recommendations on the package.

Can I give Missing Link dental chews to my cat or other small pets?

No. Missing Link dental chews are formulated for dogs. The texture is designed to accommodate a dog's bite force.

How should the Missing Link dental chews be stored? 

The chews can be stored in the package they were purchased in. Be sure to close the pouch after each use. Upon opening, please store the product in a cool, dry location.

Could my dog choke on a dental chew?

Missing Link dental chews are made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients, and are designed to encourage dogs to chew off small pieces. Monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed prior to swallowing. Provide fresh water in a clean container daily.

What is Stay-C™ and what are the benefits and effects of it? 

Stay-C™ is a patented, stable form of Vitamin C*. Vitamin C helps support gum health, helps to reduce plaque and tarter and helps maintain a healthy immune system.   *Stay-C™ is a trademark of DSM.

How to your dental chews help clean teeth?

Missing Link dental chews feature a special texture designed for maximum dental effectiveness. Our unique treats help control plaque and tartar build up by mechanical abrasion. Our dental chews also contain Stay-C vitamin C to help support gum health.

Are there any side effects from dental chews?

There are no negative side effects.

What size dog can have the petite size chews?

Missing Link Petite dental chews were developed for Extra-Small and Petite dogs weighing 5 – 15 pounds.  One stick includes a full daily serving of The Missing Link® superfood supplement for dogs of that size, which is ½ teaspoon. These chews are made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients, and are designed to encourage dogs to chew off small pieces.  Monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed prior to swallowing.