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Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays, everyone! We’re always so excited to celebrate the holiday season with our families and most adorable pets. This year, we wanted to share our Holiday Gift Guide, with tail-waggin' goodies for the pets and pet parents in your life. From chew toys and dog sweaters to our healthy pet supplements, there’s certainly something to help your favorite fur babies live their best lives here. If you’re looking for a wonderful gift, you’ve come to the right place. Ready for our wag worthy recommendations? Keep reading for more...

1. The Missing Link® Smartmouth® Dental Chews, from $17

Our 7-in-1 Dental Treats are a perfect gift for fresh kisses under the mistletoe, and deliver full-body health benefits.

2. Wild One Toy Kit, $36

Made with 100% natural rubber and 100% natural cotton, these toys are cute and functional {and might just help burn some of those holiday cookie calories!}.

3. Harry Barker Plaid Paw Sweater, $22

This one’s for the family Christmas card. Say cheese!

4. The Foggy Dog Juniper Plaid Flannel Bow Tie Collar, $45

Because an adorable plaid bow, which is also made from a soft, natural fabric {no chafing here!} is the perfect way to help pups look dapper yet stay comfy! 

5. The Missing Link® Original Skin & Coat Powder Supplement For All Adult Dogs, $22

Made with powerful superfood ingredients like flaxseed, taurine, and glucosamine, our daily powder supplement helps promote a thick and glossy coat and supports overall health.

6. The Missing Link® Collagen Care Calm & Focus Soft Chews, $29

Our soft chews promote healthy skin, coat, relaxation, and focus. A perfect gift for the holidays, no?

7. The Missing Link® Original Senior Supplement, $30

Help those mature pups stay comfortable, healthy and happy through their golden years with this tasty powder supplement.

8. Tails In The City Woof Cliquot Rose Champagne, from $13

It’s happy hour time with these plush toy champagne bottles. Cheers!

9. The Missing Link® Pet Kelp® Feline – Organic Limited Ingredient Superfood Supplement for Cats, $16

This limited ingredient, organic formula supplement supports your favorite feline friend's digestion and overall health and wellbeing. 

10. The Missing Link® Original Growth & Development Supplement For Puppies, $15

For all of the pet parents in your life who have just brought a new puppy into the family, this powder supplement was created specially to support their growing bones, muscles and brains.

11. Absorbine® Silver Honey® Hot Spot & Wound Care, $27

Be prepared to rapidly treat any holiday mishaps and boo-boo's with the natural power of medical-grade manuka honey and MicroSilver BG™ In Absorbine® Pet Care's Silver Honey® ointment.[1]  

12. Chewy Frisco Holiday Dog Toys, $15

Stay extra festive with these adorable holiday dog toys. Candy canes, Christmas trees, and gingerbread houses – your favorite furball won’t know what to do with themselves!

Which gift do you have your eye on?

Let us know in the comments below, and happy holidays!

[1] MicroSilverBG is a registered trademark of Bio-Gate AG

*Please note that our product recommendations are independently-selected and not endorsed by The Missing Link. 

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