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How Does The Missing Link® Flaxseed Deliver Visible Results?

Posted by Mary Ida Young on
Omega 3

The Invisible Problem Pet Owners Face.

We’ve all heard of Omega Fatty Acids and specifically the elusive Omega 3. The story is familiar: Our pets (and ourselves for that matter) get too much Omega 6 in our diets from grain and grain-fed meat. Omega 6 causes our bodies to increase inflammation. The problem is we don’t get enough Omega 3, which our body uses to suppress inflammation.

While most pet foods are adequate, they’re usually over-processed using high cooking temperatures and extruding pressures that degrade naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria. Another hidden issue many pet owners do not consider – the livestock that makes up the meat in your dog food is fed a diet of corn and soybeans, both high in Omega 6. The meat in your dog food (unless grass fed) concentrates Omega 6 in your pet’s cells. The Missing Link® Original Powdered Supplements provide 2:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio. This provides cats, dogs, birds and many other species a therapeutic level of Omega 3, rebalancing your pet’s nutrition to optimum levels. But what exactly makes The Missing Link® product so different from any other Omega 3 supplement?

The Power of a Small Seed.

Truly a unique and powerful nutrient storehouse, flaxseed is the richest vegetarian source of the vital Omega 3 essential fatty acid in the form of alpha linolenic acid, and is the core ingredient in The Missing Link® supplements. Flaxseed also has the richest source of lignans, a class of phytochemicals which are powerful antioxidants that protect our pet’s immune system. The combination of omega fatty acids, dietary fiber, phytonutrients, and lignans in the flaxseed also supports a healthy, beautiful coat, healthy digestion, brain function, and helps sustain energy levels.

What Makes The Missing Link® Flaxseed Different?

Our whole-ground flaxseed, patented cold-processing and hermitically sealed packaging make the difference for your pet’s health. Once a flax seed is cracked and the natural barrier is no longer intact, the essential fatty acids begin to rapidly oxidize and turn rancid. Other manufacturers are using flaxseed that is pre-ground before they buy it, and the nutritional efficacy has already been compromised. Another major difference with other products is that our product retains the entire contents of the flaxseed. Many ground flaxseed products offered are only the ground hulls of the seed, a byproduct of extracting the oil. The Missing Link® flaxseed still contains the vital oil and germ, which makes our flaxseed products more effective.

What Is The Proprietary Process of The Missing Link®?

The Missing Link® uses a patented cold-processing method that ensures the flaxseed is ground fresh in a controlled environment to retain its nutritional value. The Missing Link® flaxseed is ground fresh in a matter of seconds before being filled into a bag. This proprietary cold processing technique results in a far superior product from a nutritional standpoint. We use foil laminated polyethylene bags that are nitrogen flushed and hermetically sealed. Nitrogen flushing allows us to displace the oxygen reducing oxidation and ensuring the product (and the Omega-3s inside) are fresh and stable.

What About Fish Oil Supplements?

You will find much information about fish oil supplements, and how they have the best Omega 3 fatty acids. This might be true if your pet was eating fresh salmon. What they don’t tell you is that bottled oils quickly go rancid if not consistently refrigerated and shielded from light, and feeding your pet rancid oil is worse than none at all. To address this, some products claim to be “stabilized”, yet that also greatly degrades the Omega 3.

What Does This Mean For My Pet?

In our pursuit to preserve the nutritional integrity of the flax used in our products, we can change the modern pets diet and correct the imbalance of Omega Fatty Acids pets have endured for decades eating commercially available pet food. Having freshly ground flaxseed rich in precious Omega 3 Fatty Acids preserved naturally with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives means The Missing Link® supplements offer the nutritional edge every pet deserves.

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