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Spotlight On: Smartmouth Dental Chews

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
Spotlight On: Smartmouth Dental Chews
Here at The Missing Link, we’re big proponents of preventative healthcare for our pets. We believe that if we nurture our beloved fur babies and give them quality food and supplements from the start, they’ll continue to thrive throughout their mature years too. Afterall, you wouldn’t start brushing your teeth after they’ve already begun to fall out, right? That brings us to today’s spotlight on one of our favorite products. If you’re new to the chews, allow us to introduce you to Smartmouth, the superhero of dental treats!

Our Smartmouth Dental Chews are so much more than a dental treat for your dogs. If you look at the majority of dental treat offerings, you’ll see that they cater to just two aspects of your dog’s health: dental and breath. While that sounds promising, we’re happy to offer your dog our veterinarian developed complete 7-in-1 dental chew. What does 7-in-1 mean exactly? Let us break it down for you…

Superhero dog sitting next to The Missing Link's Smartmouth Dental Chews 7-in-1 benefits graphic.

To put it simply, a single Smartmouth Dental Chew provides your dog with nose to tail health and wellness. From the outside, you can see that each chew is textured to fight plaque and tartar all while freshening your dog’s breath. On the inside, our chews have balanced omegas to promote healthy skin and coat, glucosamine to support hips, joints, and mobility, and flaxseed to promote a healthy heart, digestion and immune system so that your dog can feel its best from the inside out.

Image showing The Missing Link's Smartmouth Dental Chew with listed benefits.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, Smartmouth Dental Chews are made with natural ingredients, are non-GMO, and are available in three sizes with your dog’s specific needs in mind. What are you waiting for? Click here to find the Smartmouth product that works for your pup. Bon appetit!

This article is for informational purposes only. Please always discuss any health concerns with your vet.

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