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Digestive Health in Dogs

Posted by Animal Care Team on
With all of the mischief that our mutts tend to get themselves into, there are a number of ways that dogs can develop digestive diseases. We need to be conscious of their digestive health on their behalf. In order to keep Fido, Spot, and Foxy feeling their best, we think it is helpful for dog parents to educate themselves on dog digestive health - read on!

How to Keep Pet Bird Plumage Beautiful

Posted by Marjorie Murray on
We've laid out factors that lead to healthy plumage followed by our tips on how to keep pet bird plumage beautiful!

Top Six Tips for Helping Your New Dog Settle In

Posted by Marjorie Murray on
Think about how we humans feel when we have to move; your new pup feels the same way! The good news is that with some pre-planning and plenty of patience, the homecoming can be the start of an amazing, happy life together. Here are 6 tips for helping your new dog settle in.

Supplementation for Dog Immune System Health

Posted by Mary Ida Young on
We know as humans that having healthy immune systems can help us fight off colds, flu and other illnesses. More than ever, we all want to strive to stay as healthy as possible. But what about our dogs? Read: Supplementation for Dog Immune System Health

3 Ways To Reduce Your Dog's Stinky Breath

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

Chances are you know dental health is important not only for your dog’s mouth, but can also be the epicenter for your dog’s overall well-being. Whatever is going on inside that generator of slobbery kisses...

Possible Link Between Grain-Free Dog Food and Heart Disease

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

As pet parents, we are solely responsible for our pet’s health. A big responsibility, but one that should be relatively easy to navigate with all of the knowledge at our finger tips these days. After...

Senior Mutterings… A Note to My Humans

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

Hey. It’s me, Juke. We’ve been together a loooong time. You say it’s only been a bit over 10 years, but to me it feels more like 80. You hoomans have always been funny about...

Is Flaxseed Good for Cats?

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

When it comes to improving the overall health of your feline friend, flaxseed can be a good way to do it. Flaxseed is a great source of essential fatty acids like omega-3, and can help...

Signs Your Dog May Be Suffering From Arthritis

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

Arthritis is a condition thought to be related to joint inflammation. It can be caused by many things, ranging from infection or trauma, to immune-related and metabolic diseases. Most commonly, however, arthritis is related to...