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TML Team Spotlight - Marjorie Murray

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Woman sitting with her two dogs - The Missing Link Blog

At The Missing Link®, we are passionate about pets – because we are fur parents just like you. In our Spotlight Series, we will share a look into that special connection between our companion animals and their humans.

We are kicking off this series with one of our own team members, Marjorie Murray. Marjorie is our Pet Brand Manager and she focuses on raising awareness of all of our products to pet parents, retailers, and vets to help animals live their happiest, best lives.

TML: Tell us about your doggos.

MM: We have two rescue pups. One 4 year old female brindle hound from Georgia named Layla – she is our high-maintenance, independent and funny high-energy gal, who’s nose is always on the hunt for food or rodents; I call her Mrs. Snifferton on walks. Our other pup is a 3 ½ year old male lab mix from South Carolina named Domino. He’s mostly white with grey spots and a brown patch over one eye. He looks like the iPhone dog emoji. All he wants in life is walks, food, and constant snuggling.

Two dogs in a sunset

TML: What Missing Link products do you use?

MM: They are all great products! Right now I have both of my pups on The Missing Link® Skin & Coat powder for good overall health support, plus the supplement makes their coats soft, full and shiny. Domino has a bit more of a sensitive system than Layla, so from time to time I’ll switch him to the Digestion powder to help keep his tummy happy and those poops normal. I add the powders to their breakfast every day with a bit of water to make a gravy, and they lick their bowls clean. I’ve tried nearly every Missing Link product with them, and they have loved them all. They get the side benefit of their hooman mom needing to make sure we always provide great brand experiences!

TML: Any good tips on dog care to share?

MM: Start really early in getting your pup used to dental care. I brush my dog’s teeth every week; it only takes a couple of minutes. I started practicing with both of them when they were young (since they were both rescues, I started as soon as they were comfortable in our home and trusted me). At first it is just about them understanding that it won’t hurt – even if the first few times all you are doing is touching a few teeth with the brush and letting them taste it. Of course there are some days I forget, and that’s when it is great to have a healthy and yummy alternative like Smartmouth dental chews to help keep that plaque and tartar off their teeth – and try to combat stinky breath.

TML: What is the silliest thing either of your dogs do?

White dog with paws raised - The Missing Link Blog

MM: Domino is just a big mush – when he’s feeling the need for a hug he sits on his back haunches and puts both front paws on me. Layla is a talker – always wants to be heard and be the center of attention. They both really get us laughing when they let loose and run and chase each other in the backyard. Hearing those “thundering pawbeats” and seeing them run like the wind is definitely a sign of happy healthy doggos.

TML: Have you always had mixed-breed rescue dogs?

MM: No, actually this is the first time I’ve had mixed breeds, the first rescues, AND the first time having more than one at a time in my family! I’ve been fortunate to have had a variety of dogs (and some cats, birds, and even chameleons) in my life since I was a baby. I grew up with a Newfy, so I have a tender spot in my heart for those giant breeds, and the doggo we had before these two was a pure bred English Lab – just an amazing soul. But there really is something special about rescues. It is a bit of a roll of the dice as to their genetic makeup, their disposition & personalities, and any carry-over issues they may have from their life before adoption. But that is all part of the fun and experience in bringing them into the family. Plus once you’ve seen that grateful appreciation and unconditional love in their eyes, you’ll be hooked forever.

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