Our Story

Our belief that there is a better way to care for our pets is at the heart of everything we do. Our founders, Mary Ida and Wilbur Young, started our story by creating a veterinary liniment to care for sore and lame horses. Fast forward more than a century, and that innovative spirit and passion for our pets can be found in The Missing Link®, the first superfood pet supplement of its kind.

Our Mission

It’s proven that pets make us healthier, adding years to our lives. At W.F. Young, Inc., we’re returning the favor with products like The Missing Link® daily superfood supplements, filling the nutritional void left by your fur kid’s food. Veterinarian-formulated, The Missing Link® uses only the best natural and most effective ingredients, adding essential, “loving life” nutrition into each bite. Absorbine offers a variety of pet products, check them out here.

So if you believe . . .

  • your fur kid deserves to live a happy and healthy life.
  • humans should support all animals’ well-being.
  • pets are family members. in fact, why are we calling tHEm pets?
  • you are responsible for your pet’s health.
  • whole food nutrition is a must.

join us! To a happier & better life,
we say “Chew-On”!™

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It Works

From a black rhino named Lucy at the Kansas City Zoo to a pack of wolves at the Wildlife Waystation in Los Angeles to a Maltese named EmmyLou in Ipswitch, MA, we’re bringing proven, healthy goodness to all.

Zoo & Rescue Initiative

At The Missing Link®, we believe in giving back in the best way we know how... providing lovin’ life nutrition to our furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends. Check out what we’ve been up to to help support the wellbeing of all animals, even rhinos sometimes (no, really!) across the country.

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