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Made by Vets
Loved by Pets

Our vet-developed pet supplements are designed and proven to empower your pet's health so they can feel their healthiest and happiest every day. Just sprinkle on the love daily for more cuddles, more walks, more playtime, more together time, and more shared love.


NEW! This powerful supplement was designed for ultimate digestive health. Created with a blend of natural ingredients proven to help maintain a balanced digestive system and proper bowel health for both dogs AND cats. A happy gut means a happy pet!


This supplement is designed especially for mature dogs to help keep them happy and comfortable through their golden years. Proven to support healthy joints, optimal bone health, and digestive and cognitive functions for more great walks and happy wags.

hip & joint

This daily supplement is proven to help support joint mobility and flexibility for normal daily excercise and activities - including promoting cartilage development, sustained energy and optimal bone health.

skin & coat

This powerful powder is proven to help dogs feel great and look amazing by promoting soft healthy skin and a glossy coat. Packed with natural ingredients that help calm, soothe, nourish and protect sensitive skin plus support hair growth, this daily supplement will help your pup shine.

The Missing Link Difference


Powders are the most potent way to deliver efficacious & fresh ingredients.


We use a cold processing method to lock in ingredients integrity. Unlike other brands, we do not use high heat, fillers, preservatives or binders that are not beneficial for your pet's body.


Probiotics are added to boost absorption, making it easier for your pet's body to utilize the ingredients