The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Feline Formula – 6 oz.


To own a cat, is to know you don't own, but rather live with a discerning diner. But, never fear, your feline won't turn his or her nose up at the nutritional goodness of The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Feline Formula. Chock full of natural whole food nutrition, with just a spoonful of this powdered superfood supplement, add essential Omega fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytonutrients support your cat's skin, coat, energy levels, weight, and digestive and immune systems. That's a puuurrrffect recipe for the daily nutrition your feline friend needs.

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Additional Features:

  • Formulated for all cats
  • Non-GMO
  • NASC certified
  • Cold-processed for maximum nutritional value
  • Completely sourced in the USA and Canada

Additional information

Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 x 5.125 x 9.5 in


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