Senior Dog Supplements

Every fur parent comes to the time in their lives when their fur baby is no longer a baby - the pup that used to play hide and seek with your sneakers and run around without a care in the world starts slowing down a bit. Just like humans, older dogs require a little bit more TLC as they age, which is why The Missing Link® developed the Ultimate Canine Senior Health Formula.

Our veterinary formulated senior dog supplements were created with the unique needs of older dogs in mind. As our fur kids (yes, you can still call them that) age, they face a new set of health challenges. Whether they start having accidents in the house again or they need your help hopping onto your bed, senior dogs require a little extra love and attention. Give your fur baby that much needed TLC with The Missing Link® nutritional supplements for older dogs. It is important to maintain a good diet for senior dogs.

Our patented supplements for aging dogs formula was designed with the addition of Green Lipped Mussel for dogs to boost Omega 3 and Glucosamine for the continued mobility and well-being of your fur kid. Our healthy and tasty supplements for senior dogs combines:

Glucosamine & Green Lipped
Mussel to support healthy
joints and flexibility
Omega fatty acids to support cell
health, absorb fat soluble
vitamins, and maintain healthy
energy levels
Probiotics and dietary
fiber to promote
digestive health
Plant nutrients to support
long-term health and

Ready to give the best supplements for older dogs a try? Just add a scoop or two to your fur kid’s daily food to start seeing results. To a happier and better life, we say “Chew On!”Try our old dog supplements today to improve your senior dog's health!

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