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What’s New with The Missing Link®

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A white and black puppy sitting in the the middle of The Missing Link Supplement bags on a pink background with confetti falling in the background.

Some things in life simply can’t be improved upon:

A wiggly-bottom welcome when you walk through the door.

Soft rumbling purrs vibrating straight to your heart.

Belly rubs. 

Drawing of a man with a cat and a dog. Cat is on his shoulders and dog is getting its stomach rubbed.

For most everything else, smart updates can make great things even better. That’s the case with The Missing Link® superfood powder supplements. We’ve added new, science-backed ingredients to our trusted formula to further empower your pet’s nutrition, helping them live their healthiest, happiest lives. The Missing Link powders make it easy to sprinkle on the love every day to help your furry family members thrive.

What HAS NOT changed

  • The main ingredients trusted by millions to ensure their pets get the nutrients they need. Thirty years ago, our founding veterinarian pioneered the pet supplement category with The Missing Link—the original pet supplement. Back when kale came only as leaves - not chips, crackers and cocktails, Dr. Robert Collette harnessed the natural superfood powers of flaxseed and other natural powerhouse ingredients to deliver key nutrition where commercial pet foods fell short. While pet foods have come a long way, today we know that no single food source can deliver all the necessary nutrition our pets need to feel their best. So we still use freshly ground, cold-pressed flax to fuel strategic formulas featuring a 2:1 omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio that helps rebalance pets’ nutrition levels [learn more about how omegas help pets here].
  • The most potent way to get nutrients into bellies.

A stylized treatment of the word "powders" with a starburst behind the "pow" area.

Powders are the most powerful and effective format for ingredient delivery. Sprinkling a spoonful of The Missing Link onto your dog or cat’s meal is a simple and convenient way to help them live their best lives—filled with more playdates, more cuddles and more love.

What HAS changed

  • Probiotics help your pet get even more out of every ingredient.

Probiotics boost nutrient absorption, making it easier for your pet’s body to use each healthy ingredient, so every yummy morsel helps make a difference for their health. We use premium LactoSpore probiotics, formulated to survive without refrigeration and work overtime to help your dog or cat’s body get the most beneficial bang for each tasty bite.

  • Prebiotics improve gut health.

Because so much of good health begins in the belly, we include a prebiotic called Fructooligossacharide (FOS) – now THAT is a mouthful! - to feed the probiotics and help them work for a combination that boosts microbiome health and promotes digestibility.

  • It’s even more delicious!

A new, natural, vegan flavoring made from yeast adds a luscious new dimension of savory brothiness, to our already tasty supplements, making them even more irresistible for mouth-watering meals that will have pets licking the bowl.

  • New ingredients added to special formulas.

Veterinary research shaped our original products and evolving science has revealed new ways different ingredients can help pets live their best lives. We’ve updated our long-trusted formulas to include:

            Hip & Joint

  • Chondroitin Sulfate to help cushion joints.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to support joints and muscles
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to help lubricate joints.

            Skin & Coat

  • Vitamin E to help nourish and protect sensitive skin
  • Biotin to help calm and soothe sensitive skin and reduce itching and scratching


  • Gingko Biloba to support eye, brain and memory to help cognitive functions


  • Dried egg powder to provide a bioavailable source of complete protein for growing puppies
  • Bovine colostrum to support the immune system and promote healthy gut, skin and coat.

            Healthy gut. Happy pet. If your pet’s digestion is off kilter, they may not be able to absorb the nutrients they need to keep their systems humming. But that’s only part of the picture. Seventy percent of your pet’s immune cells live in their digestive tract. Keeping it healthy strengthens their defense against infection. That’s why we created a new formula packed with powerful natural ingredients proven to provide digestive health support. In addition to our signature flaxseed and probiotics, this formula features a special blend of seven unique probiotics. Each serving lets you unleash an army of more than 5 billion “good” bacteria on a mission to enhance your dog or cat’s health starting in their belly. We also include dried chicory root for prebiotics that help keep your pet’s digestive system in balance, ginger to ease discomfort and chamomile to relieve gastrointestinal stress.

  • Our packaging

            We gave our bags a glow-up to celebrate our new formulas and help you spot them on the shelf. In the 30 years since we invented the category, a ton of products have hit the pet nutritional supplement market. The Missing Link still clearly stands out in terms of power, purity and performance. We wanted our design to stand out, too – so we gave it a fresh modern new look AND added a new improved powder-resistant zip closure.

The words "sprinkle on the love" written in supplement powder with a spoon at the end.

            You’ve been doing all you can for your pet’s health by trusting The Missing Link’s powerful powders to deliver the nutritional support they need to stay healthy and happy. In our relentless quest for the ultimate formula to help our beloved furry family members thrive, we found ways to make the best nutritional supplement even better. So, sprinkle on the love every day, knowing you’re doing everything possible to ensure more wags, cuddles—and, of course belly rubs.


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