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Supplementation for Dog Immune System Health

Posted by Mary Ida Young on
We know as humans that having healthy immune systems can help us fight off colds, flu and other illnesses. More than ever, we all want to strive to stay as healthy as possible. But what about our dogs? Read: Supplementation for Dog Immune System Health

Preserving Gifts from the Sea

Posted by Mary Ida Young on
The nutrient rich kelp (Ascophyllum) used in The Missing Link Pet Kelp® Formulas is wild-grown along the rocky coast of Nova Scotia, Canada in icy cold waters that are among the most pristine in the world.

Beyond Basic: Why a Heart Healthy Dog Dental Chew Matters

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

Most of us consider our dogs to be important members of their family and we prioritize their health and wellbeing. Sound like you? Paramount to their welfare is caring for their oral health, and research...

4 Ways Dental Care Impacts Your Dog’s Overall Health

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Your dog's dental health can have a huge impact on their quality of life. Here are four ways your dog's dental health impacts their overall health - it's a really big deal!

What is Collagen and How Can It Help My Dog?

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about collagen in pet foods lately, and as a pet food nutritionist, I decided to look into collagen a little more to see if it is something support...

Say Hello to The Missing Link® Collagen Care™

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

NEW Collagen Care™ from The Missing Link is super-concentrated, bite-sized soft chews featuring the most effective and cutting-edge ingredients specifically formulated to target a dog’s biggest health and wellness issues, such as joint pain, skin...

5 Tips to Make Clear the Shelters Day the Best Yet!

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

Clear the Shelters day is coming up on Saturday! The goal is to get all the shelter pups across the country adopted! Let’s all make this an epic day of adoption, here are some recommendations...

3 Ways To Reduce Your Dog's Stinky Breath

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

Chances are you know dental health is important not only for your dog’s mouth, but can also be the epicenter for your dog’s overall well-being. Whatever is going on inside that generator of slobbery kisses...

Possible Link Between Grain-Free Dog Food and Heart Disease

Posted by Mary Ida Young on

As pet parents, we are solely responsible for our pet’s health. A big responsibility, but one that should be relatively easy to navigate with all of the knowledge at our finger tips these days. After...