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Discover the Difference: How The Missing Link Trifecta sets our supplements apart

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Power, purity and performance are the three tenets of The Missing Link Trifecta, our company’s north star for developing superior products. It has fueled formulations from our very first supplement that pioneered the category 30 years ago, to the new, enhanced formulas we launched this year. Here’s how The Missing Link Trifecta delivers the best nutritional support for your dog and cat, promoting long, happy, healthy lives filled packed with play and snuggles.

What’s New with The Missing Link®

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Formula upgrade: What's new and what's still the same with The Missing Link Pet Supplements in 2022. The Missing Link powders make it easy to sprinkle on the love every day to help your furry family members thrive.

Digestive Health in Dogs

Posted by Animal Care Team on
With all of the mischief that our mutts tend to get themselves into, there are a number of ways that dogs can develop digestive diseases. We need to be conscious of their digestive health on their behalf. In order to keep Fido, Spot, and Foxy feeling their best, we think it is helpful for dog parents to educate themselves on dog digestive health - read on!

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy During The Holidays

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
Happy & healthy pets this Christmas…

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
The holiday gifts for all the furry friends on your list...

Spotlight On: Collagen Care

Posted by James Baldyga on

Do you know the importance of collagen for your dogs and canine friends? You may have heard of collagen and its benefits, but do you know how it can affect your pet and why? Today,...

The Top Pet Wellness Tips For A Happy And Healthy Life

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
Just a few wellness tips for a happy and healthy pets...

7 Reasons to Choose Smartmouth Dental Chews

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
When it comes to your dog’s dental health, we have seven reasons why you should choose our Smartmouth Dental Chews.

How to Introduce a New Food into Your Pet’s Diet

Posted by Rachel Rosenbloom on
Click through for our tried-and-true tips on how to introduce a new food into your pet’s diet.