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Discover the Difference: How The Missing Link Trifecta sets our supplements apart

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From choosing a veterinarian to choosing a collar, you make sure your furry family member has the very best. So of course your standards are high when it comes to nutritional supplements: You want the products that do the most to help your dog and cat thrive. But there are so many different supplements out there making so many different promises, choosing the right one can be as baffling to pet parents as a pool full of tennis balls is to a Golden Retriever—which one to go for?

Fortunately, when you take a closer look at quality, the choice becomes more clear. As you wade through glamour shots of shiny-coated dogs and multi-syllabic ingredients you’ve never heard of, focus on three things: power, purity and performance. Does the supplement work? Are there icky ingredients along with the good stuff? Can your pet’s body actually absorb and use them—or are you just investing in nutrient-dense yellow snow?

Power, purity and performance are the three tenets of The Missing Link Trifecta, our company’s north star for developing superior products. It has fueled formulations from our very first supplement that pioneered the category 30 years ago, to the new, enhanced formulas we launched this year. Here’s how The Missing Link Trifecta delivers the best nutritional support for your dog and cat, promoting long, happy, healthy lives filled packed with play and snuggles.


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You want the product that does the most for your furry family member. We feel the same way. That’s why we created The Missing Link supplements in powder form. Powder is simply the most effective and powerful way to get nutrients into pets’ bodies. It mixes easily into existing meals. It is easy for dogs and cats to digest. And, unlike chews, powders do not require ingredients like binders (compounds that hold ingredients together) and fillers (compounds that bulk up a formula when the active ingredients don’t completely take up the space in a capsule or chew) that get in the way of nutritional benefits.

The Missing Link supplement powders contain only the good stuff—ingredients with health or flavor benefits—no fillers, no binders. How many times have you leapt to wrestle “inedible” items like food wrappers and underpants from the mouth of your dog? Why feed them undesirable things in their supplements?

 With The Missing Link, your dog or cat is not eating unwanted ingredients. (And you’re not paying for unwanted ingredients.) Each spoonful of powder provides just the best ingredients in their most powerful form—the nutrients your furry family member needs to put the wiggle in their wag or the passion in their purr.



            The Missing Link veterinarians do not only select the best premium ingredients. We make sure those ingredients maintain their integrity so they can do their work, fueling zoomies and making soft coats even more snuggly. Other brands do this with preservatives. We prefer a much healthier method. We use cold temperatures to retain the nutritional value of the ingredients, similar to cold-pressing gourmet olive oil. Superfood ingredients like flaxseed are freshly ground using cold-processing and bagged. Once in the bag, we pump nitrogen in to push the oxygen out. Oxygen reduces the quality of the ingredients over time. Nitrogen protects it. The gas does not react with foods and keeps them fresher longer. It’s how your favorite potato chips stay fresh. Then, we carefully seal the bag to lock in the power.



            For over three decades, pet parents have trusted The Missing Link veterinarians to combine the best, purest ingredients in the most strategic ways to help pets thrive, like our 2:1 omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio that helps rebalance nutrition levels [learn more about how omegas help pets here]. Our new, updated formulas include ingredients that help each ingredient work even better: probiotics and prebiotics.

            Now, LactoSpore brand probiotics turn up the volume on the healthy benefits of the ingredients at work inside your dog and cat. They boost absorption, the process of breaking down the nutrients in the digestive system and moving them into the blood where they can be used throughout the body. We included prebiotics, molecules that feed the probiotics, to ensure these good bacteria keep working, helping every yummy morsel make a difference in your pet’s health.

            Fueled by The Missing Link Trifecta of Power, Purity and Performance, every spoonful of powder contains only ingredients as pure as your love for your dog or cat, combined in the healthiest ways in the format that is most powerful for delivering the benefits. We created the very best superfood supplement so you can sprinkle on the love for the very best pet—yours.

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